Important Video Marketing Tips to Augment Your Business


Over the last decade, the internet has prompted a massive shift in marketing strategies. Marketing videos are catchy and get more attention, and are a go-to medium of marketing for over 70% of business marketers. If successful video marketing isn’t one of the main focus areas of your business’s marketing strategy, you ought to include it immediately. Below are a few video marketing tips you could follow to interact with your prospects better and improve your business.


Get Your First Few Seconds Right

Several videos perform badly because nobody wants to watch them or share them. Given the low attention span attributed to this online medium, the first few seconds of your video, eight seconds to be precise, have to be specific and interesting. Do not waste these moments in jazzy video effects or text-heavy communication else you will lose a large number of your audience. Rather, use the first line of your video to hold the audience for the rest of the time. It is important to craft your script well; a good script can engage viewers and keep them hooked to your video till the end.


Interview Experts

Interviewing experts and thought leaders of your industry is an amazing form of marketing. Go to industry conferences and tradeshows where you will find several experts in one place for short 5-minute interviews. Ensure that you have clear and well-outlined topics for the interviews and see to it that you align the discussion from your viewers’ point of view.


Make a Demo

If you have a software product that you want to demonstrate without investing too much time and money in creating a video, use Screenr to produce your videos. Screenr is easy to use and free, and is a great tool for beta-testing videos for your software products. If you want to video market your services or other products, explore effective video marketing tools such as PowToon or Keynote. There are several in the market, so choose a tool that suits your needs the best. You could hire agencies or professional freelancers to create product or service demos for you; just remember to not stop at one or two videos. Keep the traction going for your video marketing efforts by creating several video demos and how-tos every few weeks.


Generate Leads

Direct marketing is one of the most important forms of marketing for most businesses and it pays to grow the number of people you can reach over email through direct marketing. As a business, your video will have information to offer that might be useful to viewers. Use your videos to capture the details of your viewers and expand your database by relevant segmentation.

  • Identify what your viewers will find valuable. It could be an e-book or a free consultation or a free how-to.
  • Create short 2- to 5-minute videos with a strong call-to-action. Explain to your viewers what you can do for them and the benefits they get by taking that action. Have them fill out their email address and one or two more fields that will aid you in your database segmentation.

You can also use email gates for access to select videos. This is a great passive way to increase your lead generation and qualify your prospects in the business pipeline.


We hope these tips will bring out the power of video marketing for your business in the next few months. As you leverage web video marketing for your business, remember to improve and track your marketing avenues and viewer retention. With these in place, it will be easier for you to monetize your video marketing campaigns and significantly improve your business.

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