3 Basic Viral Video Marketing Rules


Many marketers and small business entrepreneurs use the term viral video marketing rather loosely. What they are usually looking for is a video that promotes their brand or product and a promotional campaign that will boost their sales or visibility. Not that viral video campaigns for small businesses are impossible, it requires just the right amount of emotional connect with the audience and brand recall. GoldieBlox’s viral video campaign gained immense popularity and scored the startup not just visibility but funding and sales as well.

Why Should You Consider Viral Video Marketing?

There are several reasons for jumping on the viral video wagon, but here are the two strongest ones.

Low Cost

Viral video marketing campaigns, if done right, can generate immense brand awareness. The biggest benefit undoubtedly is the low cost of marketing. Television and print media marketing can be too expensive, especially in mainstream domains, but a viral video that is hosted on services like YouTube and shared by millions in their social media feeds can be more powerful than conventional methods of video marketing.

Target Audience

Viral video marketing strategies have a lot to do with focused and targeted audience segments. Target audiences are more likely to share the video with their like minded contacts and tend to engage better than a larger, general audience through conventional video marketing. People are also 64-85% more likely to buy a product or use a service after watching a relevant video, so it makes more sense to concentrate on viral videos for target groups.


How to Make Your Video Go Viral?

You need a clear video marketing strategy and resources in place for viral sharing to take effect. Here are a few viral video marketing tips you can employ in your next video campaign.

1. Use Emotion

Videos that go viral undoubtedly evoke emotion among the viewers. Generally, funny videos are a safe bet for a viral video campaign, but you can always target emotions such as awe, motivation or even sadness. Just remember to place your call-to-action effectively in the video irrespective of the underlying emotion you choose to base your video on.

2. Do Not Oversell

Promotional videos are so called because they hard-sell their product or service. However, if you are a small business or entrepreneur looking to generate awareness about your offerings, your video needs to be more entertaining or emotional than it is promotional. In short, bring the branding down several notches. You can, of course, place branding subtly throughout the video, but it is best to save it till the end. Aim to have an impact on your viewer and enable them to connect with your brand without overwhelming them.

3. Make a plan

Sure, many cat videos go viral without any strategizing. But if you are a company looking to attract like minded viewers, you’re going to have to count on much more than dumb luck. Your plan has to begin with how to maximize likes and shares, and to do that well you will need a strong video marketing plan in place. If you already have a good social media following, a part of your plan is already taken care of. If not, it is helpful to partner with YouTube celebrities with a large subscriber base or Facebook personalities with a huge following. Create a sense of excitement in the days leading to the launch of your video by posting behind-the-scenes and teaser clips. Overall, ensure you integrate this aspect in your overall business and marketing plan.

You now have the basic rules for making your videos go viral. Remember to evoke an emotional response, keep your branding to a minimum while still implementing brand recall, and create a strong plan that includes marketing peripherals. With this, you are ready to start creating popular videos and boost your business and visibility.


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