5 Reasons to Use wizMotions.Com for Your next Video Project


If you are one of the many enterprising business people who do not need any more convincing about video marketing, then read on to know more about how you can better your video marketing efforts with wizMotions.com.


wizMotions has a high number of repeat clients and their services can be vouched for. From creating quality animated videos to video collages of clips and footages, wizMotions has helped several small-, medium- and big-sized firms spread the message they want through classy, quirky and clear videos. They make custom explainer videos backed by strong neuroscience that get your prospects to say yes to your product or service. They achieve high rates of prospect-to-customer conversions by simplifying complicated messages, clearly explaining how your product or service works in seconds, and engaging your viewers by powerful visual storytelling methods. wizMotions uses a range of techniques to bring this effect, from whiteboard animation videos to infographics and graphic animation to video spokespersons.


Here are a few strong reasons that make wizMotions a go-to place for your next video!


1. Low Cost

wizMotions offers very high quality at very low prices. This is because wizMotions values repeat business and they do not work as middlemen for servicing your video projects. They charge on a per minute basis and are very reasonable for the high quality of work produced.


2. All-Round Service and Support

wizMotions understands that different business have different concepts and strives to gather all the necessary information to produce a world-class video for your product, service or brand. If you don’t have a draft of a script, they have copywriters who can create the script for you in less than three business days. They then create compelling storyboards that show you the scenes planned for the video production. What is really great about their service is that they take you through as many revisions until you are satisfied with the result at no additional charge.


3. Videos in Any Language

wizMotions will produce videos in any language that you require, be it German or Spanish or any other language. This service is also useful to you if you are one of those seasoned video marketers who knows that to truly exploit a video’s potential, you need to tap all markets including online foreign-language markets.


4. Dedicated Project Manager

wizMotions gives you access to their project management system so that you can monitor the progress of your video project as and when you need. They also have a bunch of really good project managers that will be allocated to you; this helps you have a single point of contact who can answer all your questions and will update you through every step of the way.


5. Quick Turnaround Times

wizMotions is popular for their punctuality and quick turnaround times. For example, script creations take between two and three days to reach you for final approval, and video projects up to final delivery take between two and three weeks. If you are in a hurry and would like to expedite the process, you can also make a request for the “Express Delivery” option that will give you the final masterpiece in three to five days.


Several entrepreneurs often say, “I have an idea and know how to market it online, but I know nothing about producing good quality videos.” If that’s your story, then you ought to take a look at wizMotions.com. wizMotions is the ideal source to seek out when you want to produce an animated video that is guaranteed to get you conversions at affordable rates!



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