5 Video Marketing Strategies That You Must Leverage


So you’ve decided to use video marketing for your website or your business and are all fired up to start seeing immediate benefits! However, you first need a video marketing strategy to curate content, host your videos online and measure your performance. There are several video marketing services that can help you with a good strategy, but if you are starting out or want to improve your video marketing efforts, you can strategize and plan your online video marketing efforts by yourself without investing too much time. Here are a few helpful tips for you to get started with your video marketing strategies.

What Do You Want Your Videos to Do


Depending on what your online presence is, choose a genre for your videos. Are you a thought leader who wants to make educational videos, a business person who wants to make videos for your products or services, or an internet hobbyist who wants to make entertaining videos for social media feeds?


Assuming that you are making a video campaign strategy that includes more than one or two videos, decide what you want to accomplish from your videos. Whether it is the viewers sharing your videos on their social media feeds or calls-to-action leading the viewer to contact you for a product or a service, have an end in mind.


Make a Plan


List your topics and outline the scope for your videos. It helps if you have a strategy for video marketing in terms of the types of topics and the hosting schedule. Include variety in your video marketing strategy. For example, if you are a small business looking to leverage video marketing to grow your customer base, host product or service demos, organize webinars, host video customer testimonials and showcase videos about the day-to-day life in your company.


Decide Who Makes the Video Content


It could be you making simple video content and marketing it online, or you could choose to hire an in-house video marketer or outsource your work to an agency. No matter what your mode of operation, set clear objectives for making video outlines, writing scripts, shooting the video and taking care of the online presence.


Get People to Watch Your Videos


A lot of first-time video marketers rely on avenues like YouTube or Vimeo. While these are important websites to host your video content, these are not the only places that you should focus on. By all means, create a very good YouTube channel and curate it carefully, but don’t restrict yourself to popular avenues. Try creating a video hub on your website and blog posts, and use video marketing resources to make sure your videos are distributed in the right avenues.


Track Your Metrics


It is important to review the performance of your videos and their analytics to understand what you can improve in your online video strategy. Video metrics are imperative for any video marketer and should be collected through relevant and useful video marketing analytics tools. There are several metrics you can gauge through analytics: click through rates, drop-off rates, average time spent on videos, etc. You can start off by using video analytics resources such as Wistia to track your metrics.


A video marketing strategy is imperative if you plan on leveraging this powerful medium to skyrocket your online presence. A strategy will keep you in line with your video marketing goals and steer you clear of creating and hosting ambiguous content. Your videos should align with your business or online needs, and a video marketing plan is what you need to do just that.

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