Why You Need Video Marketing Now More than Ever

There used to be a time when a picture was worth a thousand words, but in the online world, that is no longer the case. If you have a website or something to market, online video marketing is a key tool to climb in the online search ranks and identify better with the people you want to reach out to. According to iStock, over 85% of online users are spending more time watching videos online, with videos significantly improving landing page conversion rates. There are a number of reasons why video marketing is so effective for your website or business, and here are few big ones.

Videos Tend To Go Viral

Videos go viral if done right, and far more people tend to share viral videos than articles or pictures on their social media feeds.

Search Engine Rankings

Fewer videos than web pages are posted, which works in the favor of a video marketer making it is easier to climb search engine rankings. While it can take days to for a text-heavy web page to get ranked by search engines, videos done right can take just a few hours.

Increase Your Conversion Ratio

More and more companies are leveraging video marketing to qualify their online leads, with several companies now using this as a tool for online lead generation. It is high time you take advantage of  video marketing to improve your online presence or business.

Use Video Marketing to Score Big Online



If you are a business, web video marketing is an avenue you should not ignore. Nothing resonates better with an online prospect than seeing and hearing about your product or service before they decide to become your customer. Invest some time and energy into making an informed video about your offerings with clear calls-to-action so that your prospects have higher chances of converting into customers.

Even if you are not a small-, medium-, or large-sized business, you can leverage video marketing for your other ventures. For example, if you have some space to let out on Airbnb, a short homemade video will be much more effective than several pictures online. Or if you want to sell a treadmill on an online marketplace, posting a video of it working will help you sell it faster than posting only pictures.

Quick Tips before You Jump on Board


Decide What You Want from Your Video

Before you start making videos for marketing, streamline your process. It could be something as simple as selling your furniture online to something as sophisticated as marketing your services on the web to reach out to a large number of people. Whatever your objective, be clear about it and decide what are the actions that you would want your viewers to take after watching your video.

Create an Outline and Write a Script

Once you are ready with your objective and calls-to-action, create a rough flow for your video and elaborate it into a script.

Use Free Resources to Make Your Video

Armed with an outline and a script, you can now make your video. There are several video marketing resources you can use to make your video, from screencasting softwares such as CamStudio or Screenr to audio dubbing tools like DubIt or Audacity.

Host It and Analyze It

Depending on the type of video, research the right avenues to host it. In the earlier example of the treadmill, putting up your video on YouTube will not be as useful as hosting it on relevant online marketplaces. Use video analytics tools like Wistia to keep track of viewer statistics and actions.

With high speed internet and portable access to technology, more and more people have the means to watch what you have to say. Viral video marketing is easy and has far more impact if done correctly, so make the most out of this online avenue to improve your internet presence or business!







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